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 I want to look someone in the eyes + know every intention of theirs. the last signed + personalized sale on my book "Did I Ever Wake Up?" ends after the weekend. you also get a poster + a tye dye bookmark + free shipping + $5 off too. available on  happy as fuck to hang with my hip @bobbyraps we been friends for 5 years + I'm super excited for what he's gonna show the world. Minnesota is doing great things. photograph by @connersup
 hippy birthday to my brother @jamiliooo , don't know when this photograph was taken but I do know those smiles are real. I've never met anyone like you + I treasure that. stay in your own world, stay in the movies, stay. much love jamil I'm rolling this 1 for you! this life + the next, cheers.  in jumanji with my hip @dr_stink photograph by @psymun_
 best person to be. be proud of everything you offer the world. I find out more about myself every day. I love who I see in this world + know that everything + everyone is here for reason. I like you + I like me. that's how it should be. love this shirt so much, get 1 on if you digg it too.  kissin my favorite girl


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