Chain Gang
(Verse 1)
Damn I remember when nobody was listenin’
Never even got a compliment, aint no one watchin him
No pix no need to pose, no shows no videos
Aint got no classic flows…shit that was only like a year ago!
Look at what we’ve done, look what we’ve become, new episode never givin out a re run
Give ya what I got no need for a refund, this right here get ya higher than the reefer.
Or higher than Aretha, don’t do it for the Franklins, Im thinkin it’s time for a change.
That’s what I’m makin, I’m the future “Hi, nice to meet ya”.
I gave up everything, for my everything
gave music a wedding ring, yeah that’s my ball & chain.
My stars are alignin, steppin out the backround.
Wanna know bout grindin? Well this is how that sound!
That’s the sound of the man workin’ on the chain gang.
Now put ya hands up, if you gon make it.
And keep them hands up, go head & take it.
(Verse 2)
Ok I handcuffed myself to a mic, got an MPC chained to my ankle tight.
Keep a pen between my fingers, answering these questions.
A straight pro with the tools, I’m engineering my own sessions.
Make it on our time, our clocks. Every A&R in my inbox.
Every major label wanna sign me, trust me there has been talks.
Its Hippy Hop & they want more, 8 months a the year i’m on tour
They scratch the surface, i’m at the core & that line proves this is what i’m meant for.
And lately in these interviews, they callin us “independent-marketing guru’s”.
God damn right the sun is shinin’ with no plans to go down.