Got my vibe right,
Everybody gettin fucked like it’s prom night.
It’s that high life,
We gon keep on livin like nobody gon die tonight.
Yeah we gon shine bright cuz we all stars now,
Officially affiliated we who in charge now.
I’m pullin strings like guitar now,
You better run to the bar now.
Tell em we a hundred shots,
Then a hundred more.
+ Tell the DJ drop,
My song i’m bouta hit the floor
+ turn the music up.
( C H O R U S )
Tonight it’s all about free love
So let me know if you got some.
+ if ya leavin with someone,
Then let me know.
(Then what’s ya life like? Fuckin awesome!)
It’s all about free love,
People all around me got them signs sayin “free hugs”.
I’m a hippy everybody got free drugs,
Well i don’t pop no pills,
But i could fuck with your free nugs.
Hell yeah, i’m a weed head,
I spend a lot of time gettin high on a bean bag.
Twist up a Zig Zag switch on a lava lamp + that’s that,
You’ll be high off my contact, fact.
Jack Daniels + Kerouac I mix em up together you get me now how rare is that?
The future, no i’m scared of that,
Cuz i see myself all up in it, new begining, we’ll start winning.
So let’s take all our secrets,
+ blow them to pieces,
+ right now we’ll start over.
What’s ya life like? Fuckin awesome.