Mentality 2 Reality ft. B Rolla
(Verse 1)
Got a bank account of good times & smiles in abundance.
I’m obviously a pisces the way I got flow,
And must’ve been a tennis shoe in a previous life the way I got soul.
Only tears that happen come from tears from laughin,
I be leavin people gaspin tellin jokes while puffin passin.
True to how we livin straight swimmin in a pit of passion,
No sleep head, never in bed, never gon catch me crashin, no.
Fly high in my tye dye, i’m that guy,
Got the sunrise on my eyes, in a running for a Nobel Peace Prize.
Legalize, Decriminalize, Improvise, & Comprose.
Give a high five if they evil eye, meet any hate with no reply.
I get high & can’t find a single thing thats not fun.
Still no deal, but my career lookin like I got one.
Top the charts, in magazines, but its just the start i’m not done.
So imma treat this night like “fuck it, i’m on one.”
You can have anything that you want.
They didn’t want it at first, but still we gave it to em.
You can have anything that you need.
And now everybody fuckin with what we doin.
All ya really gotta do is believe.
No “I & me” its “us & we”, & we gon impact this world.
Mentality 2 Reality.
Imma focus on my dreams not the salary.
(Verse 2)
Yesterday’s thoughts paint tomorrow’s picture.
Don’t stop that dreamin cuz, don’t stop believin sister.
Embrace the challenges, guarantee you pass the test.
Give birth to a happy thought, that shit gon manifest.
Im livin proof that “The Secret” works,
Teach Law Of Attraction & all its perks.
Encountering than empowering,
until they’re confidence is towering.
Pull ya the center like gravity.
Killin all silence with fantasy.
Change ya perspective than casually,
Da Vinchi me up a masterpiece.
I wish you all Health, Wealth, Success, & Happiness.
You’re energy is stunning & ya spirits lookin fabulous.
Simply Immaculate, if I do say so,
I mean the world is literally ours,
& shit i’m so grateful.
Just can’t lay low, just can’t move slow.
Eyes rarely close, head barely touch a pillow.
There’s no boundaries on what you can do,
So if you ever need some reassurance just remember I believe in you.