Verse 1

I got a chick who saved my pic as her screen saver,

let me do my thang say “it cool jus holla at her later”.

say she thinkin bout me when she rollin up the kush,

rollin round the city stoppin traffic with her look.

Let me pass at her apartment, when im too drunk to drive.

in the mornin gimme a ride, before she gimme a ride.

pack her own stash, don’t always make me buy,

& she always bump some classic Twista, Do Or Die.

Like, “motha fuckin paper chase”, that was real cool.

Used to rock it through the hallway in highschool.

Now i paint a perfect picture like it’s nothin to

this dude got em thinkin I attended art school.

It’s nothin new though, i try to tell em that.

I do the right thing, but they never right back.

Without swingin ima find a way to fight back.

Cause i know on the right track, I could set you on the right track….


No girlfriend til’ I make a million, no girlfriend. (I don’t want one)

No girlfriend til’ I make a million, no girlfriend. (I don’t need one)

Verse 2

I got a chick who don’t give a shit, she jus wanna get down.

She willin to take it anyway im down to give it out.

& when im outta town, on business

She sendin all her love through a crazy pic.

Yeah i got a whole folder of those,

so many good ones, man i aint never chose.

Aint picky so forget pickin captains,

we gonna partner up tonight & see what happens.

But if it don’t happen, don’t act soft, don;t get goofy blowin up my inbox.

Said, “stop for a minute, & pause” before you get all poetic up on them blogs

I heard about it, didn’t read it though.

Didn’t wanna go addin to my ego.

I think it’s sweet though, that you were thinkin of me

I just don’t like doin the same thing as everybody……


To make-or-break sometimes you gotta break-it-off.

Sometimes to get my attention you gotta take it off.

It’s not like I made the rules,

I just know to play the game & never play the fool.

So if you playin by those rules

We should have no problem sailin’ smooth.

Keep it between just me and you,

be cool it’s up to you, you choose.

But you know I can’t let nothin slow me up

I was comfortable that got old & so I switched it up.

Made a promise, gotta stick to my word

I’ll make sure that I am heard.

I’ll never be fake, I won’t pretend.

I mean no offense so i defend.

Don’t get it wrong, you are my friend.

You just not my girlfriend…