The Finish Line
(Verse 1)
I woke up today & said I was gonna write,
The best sentences of my entire life.
So if this be the last song that I ever make,
Let the whole world know I got what it take to…
Break barriers, carry sound like a stereo.
Floatin to the top, If ya need a life I can carry ya.
Slippin on the vibe I suggest you step out my area.
Ok there we go.
Swore to my mama I would never “simma down now”.
Gang of cool friends & lots of marijuana.
Clouds in the ride, the vibe just like a sauna,
And we aint bouta lay it down til the sun come…
Up from under, I wonder, I really think a lot.
I see how things are goin & through that I gain a train of thought.
To see whats in ya head & not just sittin right in front of ya,
And judge no one, I aint cooler than none of ya!
Thats some old-soul shit,
probably got it past down from a guru meditating,
On a mountain never waitin for the day to come to him,
& in that state of mind everything happens on tempo. (right on time)
Right-on times infinity.
Grew some wings I plan to get the wind beneath.
All sights set on having zero enemies,
And make an impact before the end of me.
We rage all night!
Wait until we make it.
Whatever we like!
Wait until we make it.
Nothin but green lights!
Wait until we make it.
See you at the finish line.
(Verse 2)
I’m the next ghandi, i’m probably a prodigy.
Honestly, Im more about what’s on the inside than anatomy.
Clearly the highest power of the universe is quite fond of me.
Probably cause i’m teachin you how to live properly.
There’s no stoppin me, scratch that, “no stoppin we”!
Fast track with a backpack, own this decade call it property.
Bout to take it back, commit somethin like robbery.
All good from here on out, my karma pays just like the lottery.
I’m movin in motions, impulses controllin,
I’m never hopin i’m knowin, & not just tellin i’m showin.
You see the rate that we goin?
Shit, we practically glowin.
The future look golden, classic composin.
#FriendBase is growin, no plans on slowin down…
They abused the word “selfish”.
Why the fuck shouldn’t I be at the top of my list?
Don’t get it wrong i’m here to help…
But the “help” helps more once you help yourself.
I’m for everyone the Lisa, Jessie, & Kelly’s
The Zach, Slater, Screech, & Mr. Belding’s.
There aint nothin you can tell me,
Show up blazed right as the bell ring.
Still no stress with every breath i’m free of any care.
We gon cruise around the city & act like we the damn mayor.
Still from Blooming, but they know us everywhere,
Damn this is our year & its has never been so clear, we’re here!
And got no plans on leaving,
everything we got what is exactly what we’ve been giving.
They’ll be no dead-ends, you gon keep on living,