Tye Dye Everything ft. ScHoolBoy Q
(Verse 1)
H – I – double P – Y you can probably see why,
Buzzin like a beehive, never on the rewind.
Ahead never behind.
Flow deeper than knee-high,
caught up in moment & I think that might be why.
I feel the seconds goin slower, no traffic on the drive if you ridin on the shoulder.
Watch the times get warmer & my rhymes get colder,
With the wisdom I supple they stay surprised I’m not older.
And I can’t blame them for that, no I can’t blame them for that.
I interact with the art thats viewed as abstract, I’m an artist meant to impact.
When i’m gone my notebook becomes an artifact, & I live on through every track.
So I take it to the max, never relax, passed the point of detacched,
All I see is where I know i’m bout to be at.
Imma light up in this room regardless, imma pick from the best of the harvest.
Imma float around a joint til we hit the next point so if anyone asks, “I’m marvelous.”
I’ve been liberated from the negative, made a new way out of the way it is.
Moved straight out my momma’s basement to a nice placement in a set of quotations.
I sleep so rarely I barely know, what day it is today I’m bout tomorrow.
No one blockin my lane like i’m shootin free throws, goin over they’re head like i’m kickin field goals.
No problems only got solutions, remind the old to stay young i’m just fountain of youth’n.
Got the weed on deck.
New Hippys.
Imma tye dye everything.
From the north to the south let the people know what we bout. Tye dye everything.
From the west to the east everybody get up off they’re fett. Tye dye everything.
Got the remedy, got this place lookin like the 70’s.
Imaa tye dye everything.
(Verse 2 by ScHoolBoy Q)
coming soon…..