What’s Ya Life Like ft. Nipsey Hu$$le
(Verse 1)
What’s ya life like? Fuckin awesome!
Everyday I be wakin up like, woop woop, let’s get it poppin.
A bad day just aint a option, they standin still I’m probably moshin.
Live my own way with no caution, so at 10 am we bar hoppin.
It’s like that, sometimes this shit really is rediculous.
Should be out there somewhere readin palms cause somehow I predicted this.
Take a trip with us, we’ll hop[ a plane at the first sight of any rain,
Touchdown in the Tropix, empty all the pockets, pop champagne & not worry bout a damn thing.
Yeah, we keep it extra chill.
Have the time of your life? I bet you will.
But it get better still, this just another day for us.
Don’t stop til ya get enough, so we chilled out never in a rush.
Now everybody wanna get blazed with MOD.
I lift them up they be like “oh my god”.
Some make it seem so hard, well let me demonstrate…
What’s ya life like? Mine’s great.
On some hip hop, hippy hop type shit. You feel me?
(Verse 2 by Nipsey Hu$$le)
What’s ya life like? Mine’s great.
I done made it out despite my city’s crime-rate.
Every single room, that’s what I break.
Hit me like an oma, seize the moment hu$$le, why wait?
One thing I never do is excercise hate, but I’m the illest doin it in my state.
Probably my country, probably this world.
Anywhere I see myself I bet I get there.
If there’s a throne to sit on, I bet I sit there
If there’s a crown to be worn, I bet it fit yeah.
Call me “Young Nip-Sino”,
These pussy, 3 squares like cee-lo.
Blood-suckin people like man made mosquitoes.
Once a month I still gotta see my P.O.
Had so many cars, but I aint never seen a repo.
Leather seat flow sippin mile-high mojito’s.