Windows Down ft. Shwayze
(Verse 1)
Sun always shinin inside my head so, let’s go!
Yeah you control that shit my dude incase you, didn’t know!
The weather never affect my mood or the way I roll,
They sayin “live fast die fun”, i’m sayin “never die & live slow!”
Chillin on the ocean like a breeze.
Catch me in flip flops & tank top even when my city freeze.
I’m talkin surfin when the snow fall, better yet theres none at all.
So roll ya windows down & play it loud!
It’s stormin’ we still got our windows down.
There aint nothin fuckin’ with my mood my dude, so be cool.
(Verse 2)
I’m mad tropical, off topic yet topical.
My chi sits closer to the equator than the Galapagos
And a successful business-minded, hippy-type probable.
A real animal, past far-out & radical.
Have visions of the top so I keep inside my optical.
Swoop an Optimo, fill it up with that medical,
Than hop on a lowrider bicycle & watch them fuckin’ pedals go!
(Verse 3 by Shwayze)
Yo this may sound stupid, but I feel like a buddhist.
Accept for me I found peace in the beat & the booty.
Somethin like a movie, picture-esque truly.
Blondes wanna do me cause they think my song’s groovy.
Got the system down & the windows up.
I said it backwards cause i’m fucked up!
Well baby tell me do you really wanna hook up?
(cause if not, could you save a brother a few bucks?)